Healing Arts

These therapeutic offerings help us shift our way of being in the world to help develop a sensitive and balanced relationship with ourselves and the living world around us.

Zia's Vilcabamba office is at Finca Vida Verde, 5 minutes car ride from el Centro in San Jose de Vilcabamba.

Healing Retreats
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A comprehensive system-oriented approach to neuromuscular issues, addressing both acute and chronic pain stemming from over-use, accident or injury. This work is also great for post-surgery. The Aston® work is a combination of education and refined hands-on work that helps you understand why you hurt where you hurt and what you can do about it. The Aston® work helps you be in your best body.
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AGUA ALMA Aquatic Bodywork

Nature and elemental based aquatic body therapy.
Comments: "deeply safe and expansive", "divine. profound.", "a dip into the source of joy".
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Aston Fitness® teaches "the how" of exercise, and gives you the tools to be able to balance your movement and your structure as you exercise. This is a 3-phase fitness system, giving your body the opportunity to release tightness with "loosening", tune your alignment with stretching, and stabilize & strengthen with "toning".

In the Aston Fitness work, one becomes familiar with one's own tensional patterns and the 3-D dynamics, and inter-relationships that fuel them, such as positive use of gravity, alignment, ground-force, or lack thereof . Also, we can learn how to negotiate with the influence of thoughts, perceptions, and emotions, etc. that can influence our structure and function, and therefore our range of comfort or pain. more >


Multiple modalities are available: Aston massage, which is excellent for refreshing your innate vital energies and helping you reclaim your optimal balance and harmony; sports massage; deep tissue work; nerve & anxiety specialty treatment with cranial sacral work.

All body work forms are enhanced with aroma therapy and flower essence therapy. Many are from herbs grown at Zia's farm in Vilcabamba

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