Rocket Stove


“Rocket Stoves” are super-efficient stoves that heat up fast, use very little fuel and leave very little residue, and nearly zero air contamination. Rocket Stoves can be great for heating a pool or hot tub*, for roasting or baking in quantity, for so many uses!


Learn the concepts and a simple design in this 3 hour workshop, so you can adapt the concept to your own setting and needs.

Thursday October 23, 1 p.m.-4 p.m., $25

Sponsored by Zia & Roshni at Finca Vida Verde in San José, Vilcabamba.
Limited space, register now.
Registration: at Vida Verde Farm or the Juice Factory (ask for registration envelope, leave your cash and your name, minimum: $10 deposit. Or call 098 988 7085

Taught by Miguel Torske, YakuNina Permaculture

Miguel Torske has been working in Permaculture for 10 years. He began with an apprenticeship with RED Guardianes de Semillas, the Network of Seed Guardians, he has given more than 200 workshops in Ecuador on the themes of organic agriculture, Permaculture and appropriate technology. He received his Permaculture Certification from Aprovecho Educational Center in Eugene OR, USA, which specializes in efficient small-fuel wood stoves, which he has adapted to the materials and needs of the diversity of climates in Ecuador. He currently lives in his finca in Tumbaco, near Quito, and is on the team of Ecoversidad de los Andes Ecuatoriales and works full time as a consultant for Nina Yaku (which means Water Fire in Kichwa).


How many loaves of bread do you suppose a Rocket Stove oven like this one below can bake in one batch?