Permaculture & Biodynamic Consultation

A "Vida Verde" consultation can help you see your home, commercial property or farm in an entirely new light.

Consultation often saves you lots of time and money. Upgrade your property’s sustainability, make it more beautiful and more beneficial for the Earth. Start to see the possibilities for multiple functions, where before, you saw only one. The integration that Permaculture Design offers can help you lower your costs, and increase your yield! At times, even one visit can save you thousands.

  • • Upgrade your collaboration with nature by applying Biodynamic Preparations. Biodynamic preps can increase your growing power exponentially. Biodynamic methods can be applied to both large and small properties with landscaping, and/or vegetable, fruit or grain crops.

• Landscaping Design...edible landscaping can be beautiful! OR, just stay with the amazing possibilities with ornamentals.

• Garden Design: creating systems for ongoing soil improvement, help with selection of the best seeds and best plants for your locale

  • • Water System design: raincatchment & storage. Earthworks, swales, ponds.
  • • Waste Management Designs: compost toilet or biogas design for making human waste into a resource
  • • BioConstruction for home, or outbuildings

• MASTER PLANNING: designing to create beneficial interrelationships between all the design elements in your project.

[A planning draft example is on the right.]

Zia Parker: Permaculture designer, teacher, consultant has taught, has been involved internationally over a 25 year period. Some of her more colorful experiences include directing a 2 year Agroforestry project in Ecuatorial Guinea, W. Africa(here, here, and here) to projects on the Native American Navajo and Arapaho reservations of the North American planes and desert. In 2007-2012, she developed Willow Way Permaculture in Boulder, Colorado, a small herbal CSA farm (Community Supported Agriculture) which became Boulder County's first official Permaculture Demonstration farm. Since 2012, she and her husband Roshni have been developing a new Permaculture model in Vilcabamba, S. Ecuador—Finca Vida Verde.

Robert-David (Roshni) McEldowney: Biodynamic consultant, has been an organic gardener since 1974 and for many years has managed an organic landscaping and gardening business. In 1990 RD began to study Biodynamics with a year and a half internship at "Rudolf Steiner College". He has applied Biodynamic preparations and principles for clients and his personal farming endeavors ever since.

Together, their practiced eyes in perceiving design innovations and the most efficient use of available resources can save you untold time and money.

Master Plan 11.13


Tent platforms. sketch

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