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INTERNSHIPS & Volunteer Positions

Vida Verde currently has openings for Internships and Volunteers available. Requirements are described below. The first step is to fill out our application, below, and return it via email to
This is an excellent way to extend your learning regarding Permaculture, Biodynamic Method (R. Steiner) and to embody principles of sustainability, and to deepen your relationship with the forces of Nature. The Vida Verde letter of recommendation following these internships can further job opportunities in many arenas.
Volunteers & Interns will fine tune gardening and Permaculture systems and skills. They will work a variety of  projects including:

• Water Management
• Gardening
• Fruit tree care
• Composting
• Plant propagation & Nursery starts
• Soil building
• Water Retention Landscaping/Keyline Design
• Caring for Chickens, Tilapia,  Worms, Bees
• Infrastructure improvement & maintenence of bioconstruction
• Long term land management
• Administrative and outreach support, and project management

The goal of this learning experience to provide exposure to understanding long term land management strategies, water and waste management and organic gardening. Interns will be exposed to a wide range of permaculture practices and uses of appropriate technology. The intention of this program is to give you an authentic sense of what is entailed in farming. It means following priorities as they arise.
This is often a life changing, transformative experience that will teach you to think, live and breath Permaculture, Biodynamics, and you may start to grow roots and begin to photosynthesize! Interns work in coordination with land stewards Zia Parker and Roshni McEldowney and team, designing and implementing land management activities.

Internship Requirements:  Minimum three weeks (3 months recommended), spending 6-8 hours per day, five days/week on priority projects.

Interns receive weekly  personal coaching sessions from Zia and Roshni and daily input to use their stay here to help learn to design their life for sustainability, as well as clarify their life’s mission, their life goals, and perceive the next step, as appropriate. This may take the form of sustainable business incubation, or career counseling, or coaching in how to start your own homestead or find your community. In terms of everyday tasks, instruction and demonstration is always provided, but you may be working independently or with other interns only. Interns receive more information regarding the overall management & direction of Vida Verde, and receive more mentoring than volunteers.The internship fee is  $350./month.

Volunteer Requirements: minimum 2 weeks, spending 6-8 hours per day(unless you are working with a volunteer group that specifies shorter days, we comply with whatever organization is involved) five days/week on whatever projects jump to the top of the list of priorities. We ask for a $25./week optional donation toward food, which is greatly appreciated.

Accomodations and meals:  Camping facilities, hot water shower, composting toilets and three meals/day are provided Monday through Friday. Weekends are off, and meals are not provided but an outdoor kitchen with cooking facilities are  provided. Tents and bedding/sleeping bags are not provided. Rustic casita may be available, if you want to reserve it, please ask.

Interns and volunteers must be willing to: Adapt to various work assignments; Perform repetitive, hands-on physical labor; Lift over 40 lbs; Be self-motivated; Be detail-oriented. Previous experience working in a garden, farm or homestead, or in communications, graphics, and/or program management is helpful, but not required. Some of your hours will be working closely with a mentor; other hours will be working solo or with other interns and volunteers. You must be up for all of it. Developing concentration skills and appreciation for the meditative value of gardening tasks is an important part of learning gardening, and an important “litmus test” to see if it is for you as you plan your next steps in life.

Accommodation in the Rasta Muffin Cabana, is an additional $200./month, and it is best to notify us a month or two prior if you want to reserve the cabana. (See photos under Bioconstruction. Link is on the Home Page.)

To Bring: long sleeve shirts and long pants to work in, rubber boots & good rain jacket (Oct-June)and/ or hiking boots, work gloves, sun hat, water bottle, mosquito repellant & sunscreen if you use it. We actually don’t have many mosquitoes but smaller “no-see-ums” sometimes called “midges”. For working in the garden, it is important to cover your arms and legs.

Comments from previous volunteers:

“So many people say they are doing Permaculture, but you guys are really doing it! Your water systems, your diversity, your bioconstruction–really super! Thanks for a great time.”

“So much is going on in this one acre farm. A great learning opportunity. Thanks for all your help, and I really appreciate the super-healthy food right from the gardens.”

“Love you guys. Great food. Great music together. And I learned so much.”

“Permaculture in action. Vida Verde has got the “stacked-functions” Permaculture thing in spades.Thanks so much! I’ll be back.”

Comments from previous interns:
“I’m so glad I signed up for the internship, as I have been volunteering, and what a difference! So often, volunteers end up with the dirty work, or drudgery work, and in this internship, our specific interests were really catered to. It is amazing what a wide range of experiences are offered on this one acre farm. I will miss both of you, but let’s definitely stay in touch!”

“Wow. I have gained so much clarity about where I’m going and how to get there. Thanks for caring.”

“I really appreciate the deeper connection with Zia and Roshni that has come by going for the internship. They have SO much experience and with Zia’s background in the holistic healing arts and Roshni’s background in Waldorf education, the one-on-one coaching sessions gave me what I was looking for in having a deep, rich, and truly relevant experience. Many thanks!”

If you are interested in applying, please cut and paste this application  (link below) into an email, fill it in and send to us at: .


Internship/Volunteer application:::
Aplicación del puesto de interno/Voluntario (Espanol es abajo)

Vida Verde Farm, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Contact Information:



City_________________________________State/Province_________Mail Code_______________

Phone #, Skype______________________________Best Time to Call_____________________


Personal Information:


Do you exercise regularly?_______If yes, what do you do?________________________

Are you capable of lifting 50 pounds?_______

Any dietary restrictions?________Please elaborate:______________________________


Any allergies?_________Please list:__________________________________________


Any other important details about yourself (i.e. special needs, religious practices, etc)


Please respond to the following questions.  Use extra paper if necessary.

1) How does this experience fit into your future plans?

2) What are you hoping to gain from your participation in this program?

3) How did you hear about VidaVerde?

Reasons for Applying:

Areas of Interest.  Check all that apply.

____ community supported agriculture (CSA’s)

____ ecological restoration

____ education

____ marketing & sales

____ pasture management

____ perennial crops

____ permaculture

____ poultry

____ soil fertility

____ vegetable production

____ seed production

____ whole farm systems design


Please respond to the following.  Use extra paper if necessary.

1) What level of education have you completed?  List institutions, degrees, and year completed.

2) Brief description of work and/or school experience in the past 5 years (where, for how long, primary duties).

3) What is your gardening/farming experience or training?  (Explain in detail: duties performed, skills learned, where you worked, etc.)

4) What other relevant skills do you have? (Carpentry, herbology, Spanish language, etc.)

5)  How comfortable are you with the idea of working with farm equipment or power tools?  Please elaborate.

6) What are your biggest challenges in the work environment?

7) Do you prefer working alone, with others, or both?  Please explain.  Do you prefer to take charge and direct others, receive direction, or a mix of both?  Please explain.

9) What community living experience and/or camping experience do you have?

11) When are you able to start working?

12) Do you need to be finished working by a certain date?

13) Please list three personal references.  Include name, phone number, relationship and length of relationship.

Please send a photo of yourself if possible.

Email completed applications to:

Vida Verde Farm, Vilcabamba, Ecuador

Información de contacto:



Ciudad_________________________________Estado / Province_________Codigo Postal_______________

Teléfono, Skype______________________________Mejor tiempos llamar_____________________


Información personal:


¿Hace ejercicio regularmente? _______If Sí, ¿qué hacer? ________________________

¿Eres capaz de levantar 50 libras? _______

Las restricciones en la dieta ________Please elaborados:? ______________________________


Cualquier alergia lista _________Please:?


Cualesquiera otros detalles importantes acerca de ti mismo (es decir, las necesidades especiales, las prácticas religiosas, etc)


Por favor responda a las siguientes preguntas. Use papel adicional si es necesario.

1) ¿De qué manera esta experiencia encaja en sus planes de futuro?

2) ¿Qué espera obtener de su participación en este programa?

3) ¿Cómo se enteró de Vida Verde?

Motivo por el cual:

Áreas de interés. Marque todas las que apliquen.

____ Agricultura apoyada por la comunidad (CSA)

____ Restauración ecológica

____ Educación

____ Ventas y Comercialización

____ Gestión de los pastos
____ Cultivos perennes

____ Permacultura

____ Avícola

____ Fertilidad del suelo

____ Producción de hortalizas

____ Producción de semillas

____ Todo el diseño de sistemas agrícolas

Antecedentes :

Por favor responda a la siguiente. Use papel adicional si es necesario.

1) ¿Qué nivel de educación ha completado? Lista de instituciones, grados y año completado.

2) Descripción breve del trabajo y / o experiencia en la escuela en los últimos 5 años (donde por cuánto tiempo, deberes, primaria).

3) ¿Cuál es su jardín / experiencia en la agricultura o la formación? (Explique en detalle: funciones, capacidades aprendidas, en el que trabajó, etc)

4) ¿Qué otras habilidades relevantes tienes? (Carpintería, herbolaria, lengua ingles, etc)
5) ¿Qué tan cómodo se siente con la idea de trabajar con el equipo de granja o las herramientas eléctricas? Sírvanse explicar.

6) ¿Cuáles son los mayores retos en el ambiente de trabajo?

7) ¿Prefiere trabajar solo, con otros, o ambas cosas? Por favor, explique. ¿Prefiere tomar las riendas y dirigir a otros, recibir orientación, o una mezcla de ambos? Por favor, explique.

9) ¿Qué experiencia de vida en la comunidad y / o experiencia de campamento tiene?

11) Cuando eres capaz de empezar a trabajar?

12) ¿Es necesario que se termine de trabajar en una fecha determinada?

13) Indique tres referencias personales. Incluya el nombre, número de teléfono, la relación y duración de la relación.

Favor de enviar una foto de sí mismo, si es posible.

Las solicitudes completas de correo electrónico a:


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