Visit our booth at the Organic Market--the Randi Nama Feria Agro-Ecologico on Saturday mornings in Vilcabamba to enjoy the colorful sights and scents of our 100% Organic Cottage Industry Products. The Organic Market is a cooperative of organic producers working together to raise availability and awareness of the importance of keeping our food AND our land organic. We are always experimenting and trying new products, so come by and visit us and all the other producer-vendors on Saturdays!
A few of our products are also available at the Guaranga Eco-tienda, one block uphill from the West side of the Plaza, and at the Juice Factory.

We Offer:
Fresh Produce in Season grown both organically and biodynamically right at Finca Vida Verde in San Jose Barrrio

Skin Care Products: specially crafted skin balms for Lips, Hands, Babies, Face AND LOVE BALM!

Probiotic Fermentations:

5 flavors of saurkrauts--Tumerific Kraut, Kim Turmerific Chi, Kraut Rojo, Jicama, CauliKraut

Maracuya Ginger Kefir! yum!

Healing Turmeric Elixir

Moringa Gomasio

Organic Mint Toothpaste

"Crema de la Cara" Face Cream

The ingredients: coco oil, cacao butter, sunflower oil, beeswax, aloe vera, Vitamin E oil & Vit C plus Rose & Lavendar essential oil. It is so fresh that we recommend keeping it in the fridge. Our guarantee is that the ingredients are 100% organic.

We make it available in 30 ml. jars, so the small batches stay fresh, but if you use it more slowly, you might want to keep half of it in the freezer. For most people, the 30 ml jars last about 1 month.

“This is food for the skin. I feel like it nourishes my whole being when I put it on my skin!”
----- Becca Tzigany
“Thanks so much for making this! I can stop importing my expensive product that is inferior!” (anonymous)

Crema. good one

Vilcabamba LOVE-Bomb BALM Body Butter, affectionately known as "the love balm".

This is a mood enhancer that will elevate you to a new level of sensuousness. It is an intimate lubricant, and also just a great moisturizer. This special blend of organic oils, humectants and aphrodisiacs is indeed magical! It is formulated to be warming, and liquid--and stay liquid! Zia and Roshni have pursued the "R & D" (research & development) of this product with relentless diligence and we find it is superlative! $9.

“The balm is the bomb! Very moisturizing and smooth.”
- Becca Tzigany
“I’ve made many concoctions in my day, but this is by far the best!”- Roshni
“I love it as a moisturizer, I use it all over my body”.
“Wow! Like Wow! We LOVE IT! It is warming, it is wet and stays wet, and the aphrodesiacs!! OOO la la! (anonymous)


"ZA Labios" Lip Balm

Contains the healing oils of 8 medicinal herbs from our gardens—lavender, rosemary, oregano, lemon verbena, borage, comfrey, calendula, mint. It does more than moisturize--it also heals the skin. It is also great for burns, insect bites and rashes.

comments from customers: “I love this lip balm with its great herbal ingredients.”
“It is so hard to find anything even close to this herbal quality.”

Labios. great

Roshni and Zia team up on the LOVE BALM.
We love messing around in the kitchen with herbs and these luscious ingredients!

And, don't miss our Probiotic Maracuya-Ginger Kefir, so yummy!
and our Tumerific Kraut and other lactobacillis fermented super-healthy super-natural foods.

Tumerific Kraut

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