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Finca Vida Verde
Skype Name: ziaparker
Ecuador Cell phone: 098 988 7085
Zia Parker, Curricula Vitae

Directions to Vida Verde Farm:

First of all, keep in mind that we only have parking space for 2 vehicles here, so if you are coming for a community event, please come by shared taxi, or by walking, or park on the San Jose Road to walk up (directions below).
Via Mollepamba Road.
At the Central Park, ask for directions to Mollepamba Road,it is the road that El Atillo is on. At “Four Corners” continue uphill, follow Mollepamba Road for about 1 mile, passing the water treatment plant and El Salado dairy farm on the left, then, turn left at Jurupe Road (just after P. Bibanco’s cherimoya orchard–easy to locate, as it has two left turns next to each other, the first is a locked gate, the second is a curving narrow road–that 2nd one is Jurupe–our road), follow the road up, which makes about a 90 degree turn to the right, then climbs steeply up to the T (a gate to Raul’s property, which used to be a yoga studio), there will be a yellow house on the left, turn left, and go down about 100 m. You are there! It is about 1.5 miles total to the center of Vilcabamba, a 25 minute walk.

Via San Jose Road (where you could park your car) From Finca Cancion de Corazon Eternacultura (Phil and Suzanna’s place, their gate looks like a big sun, their house is a big 4 story place) on the San Jose Road, go in the direction toward Vilca, about 150 m., and you will see a cement road going up steeply (toward Brian’s place). Park there on San Jose Road and walk up, via Brian’s driveway, keep going past Brian’s (large guitar on the gate) and you will see a gate that is above Brian’s. At this gate, keep to the right,
where you will see a walking path, follow it for another 150 m. or so, until you see our place, that is a small valley that looks like a large amphitheater, with a big curving roof around a circle. Enter at the bamboo gate, with an arch over the it.

Call if you need help with directions. Call: 098 988 7085 or 0968139902