Water Retention Landscaping: Otavalo Quechua Community

Read here about the project we designed for two large community-based water systems in Quechua pueblos near Otavalo, N. Ecuador. These indigenous people had the forward-thinking vision to plan for water security for 30 years into the future. These two water juntas serve 16 communities and approximately 40,000 members.

The water boards are still discussing their options. We are proud to be part of this conversation.
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Full ProposalSumak Yaku proposal.WordPress

Our proposal involved training local people to train members of the community in these Water Retention Landscaping methods so that a large percentage of the membership are active stakeholders in the success of the project.

The red line marks the approximate 9 km around the base of Imbabura (4600m/1500ft) involved in the project

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