WORKING WISELY WITH WEEDS JULY 15, 2016 BY JONATHON ENGELS & FILED UNDER PLANTS Weeds are the fighters of the plant world. They are the pioneers, setting off in uncharted territories and cutting new pathways into lands bare and scorched. Then again, they, too, are sometimes the most firmly rooted, digging themselves deep into the fabric of the soil or spreading out far and wide. Perhaps that is why they are also the most misunderstood, the wild and wily, regularly showing up where they are not wanted then simply refusing to leave. Ultimately, though, the term “weed” is a human construct, and it is [[read more]]

Water Security Planning

Create water security for yourself and/or your family with a sensible 3-prong approach. observing~designing~installing Learn DIY (do-it-yourself) at our 3 day workshop May 27-29, $100. or have us install for you To learn more, come to our free presentation at the Community Center, Wed April 21th, 1:00-2pm To Register, write: or call 098 988 7085            

Bond With Nature

We need to recognize that developing a love-bond with the Earth is part of developing into a happy, balanced, healthy human being. In the 1950’s, psychologist Ashley Montague did research to establish that human touch is an actual need for healthy human development. His research showed that infants that don’t experience loving human touch have developmental problems. This work had a very important influence on Western culture at a time when white men in white coats in the profession of Western medicine had virtually usurped women’s choices in relation to breastfeeding, childbirth and infant care. Now, over 50 years later, I think we need to [[read more]]