Yupaichani Organic Community

Looking for a land-based community? Yupaichani (“gracias Pachamama” in the Quechua language) has 3-4 more memberships available for a intensive gardening eco/arts school cooperative. 20 minute walk to vilcabamba Grow our own nutrition-packed organic produce. Come together to create a producing farm. Beautiful healthy bioconstruction homes. Be a member of a sustainable education center that is a share-holder business. For more information. If interested, speak to Zia & Roshni. Directions at www.vidaverde.info/ Clic contacts.    

Vilcabamba valley reforestation advances

Our vision of realizing reforestation for the entire valley of Vilcabamba has taken a step forward with the contract to design and supervise implementation of a 17 hectare property, El Mirador, in barrio San Jose de Vilcabamba. In the video we made for our crowd-funding project, Water and a Forest for Every Village, we mention the need for more and larger models. This property has the potential of filling the need for a mid-size model. The project proposal can be seen here MiradorDesignWEB We are pushing the envelope on Permaculture standards for digging contour canals on steep slopes. When you collect water in any [[read more]]

Water Retention Landscaping: Otavalo Quechua Community

Read here about the project we designed for two large community-based water systems in Quechua pueblos near Otavalo, N. Ecuador. These indigenous people had the forward-thinking vision to plan for water security for 30 years into the future. These two water juntas serve 16 communities and approximately 40,000 members. The water boards are still discussing their options. We are proud to be part of this conversation. Abstract, one page.ABSTRACT-english Full ProposalSumak Yaku proposal.WordPress Our proposal involved training local people to train members of the community in these Water Retention Landscaping methods so that a large percentage of the membership are active stakeholders in the [[read more]]