Yupaichani Organic Community

Looking for a land-based community? Yupaichani (“gracias Pachamama” in the Kichua language) has 3 more memberships available. 20 minute walk to vilcabamba Grow our own nutrition-packed organic produce Come together to create a producing farm Beautiful healthy bioconstruction homes Be a member of a sustainable education center that is a share-holder business For more information. If interested, speak to Zia & Roshni. Directions at www.vidaverde.info/  Clic contacts.    

Cultivating Food, Medicine and Soil Fertility

Here are some photos of Vida Verde’s gardens and our process in developing long-term soil fertility. From breaking ground for the gardens, to a look at the first vegetables that were grown here, it’s a view into how permaculture is applied at this location.    

Water Works

Water conservation is top priority. The basic idea is retaining rainwater on the land, making it possible to use every drop. This system at Vida Verde captures rainwater from the road above and uses a series of sediment tanks to filter the water, where it can then be directed to a system of swales (water retention ditches) that use gravity to spread the water. Alternatively, the water can be directed to the fish pond after filtering. Clic for more. Basic design for re-using “greywater” which is “waste water” from sinks and washing machine in the house to irrigate ornamentals and fruit trees. Turn “waste” [[read more]]