Yupaichani Organic Community

Looking for a land-based community? Yupaichani (“gracias Pachamama” in the Quechua language) has 3-4 more memberships available for a intensive gardening eco/arts school cooperative. 20 minute walk to vilcabamba Grow our own nutrition-packed organic produce. Come together to create a producing farm. Beautiful healthy bioconstruction homes. Be a member of a sustainable education center that is a share-holder business. For more information. If interested, speak to Zia & Roshni. Directions at www.vidaverde.info/ Clic contacts.    

San Jose Fire : Our Response

We have designed a Water Retention Landscape Plan for a 17 hectare property on the San Jose burn area, and are now implementing it. We are including the project report here, if you are curious to learn more. Mirador Design [pdf] On this degree of slope, our swales are very narrow, and have a .4-.6% slope within the swale. Saraguru crew with Zia. Don Ramon, in the white hat, is 70. He is still a powerhouse! Narrow swales, with a slope within the swale of .3-.6 % to help rainwater in a strong storm move off the mountain safely without furthering erosion. The vetiver [[read more]]