Water.Forest Crowdfunding AND next Permaculture Design Course, Jan-Feb2017


Water and a Forest

Loess Plateau in China, before and after simple water retention techniques

Water and a Forest for every village

is our new replicable project in innovative water conservation, coupled with reforestation to help heal the water cycle in Vilcabamba valley and beyond.

We invite you to celebrate with us, where we have come in our first four years, and to join with us in taking our next step.  This Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign will help us refine our model of respectful water use, create bigger models, and initiate training and implementation for Vilcabamba valley. Since Vilcabamba is so adored, near and far, our hope is that this work to reforest Vilca will echo out across the ridgetops to have a wide-spread effect.



This 100 hour plus course will provide the internationally accepted curriculum for the initial level PC certification.  Special Focus  will be on:

– Water Security &  Water Retention Landscaping for recharging springs and aquifers, re-establishing the rain cycle, extending the growing season, and creating diverse microclimates for increased biodiversity

– Building long-term soil fertility & high yield production

– Natural building: earthbag super adobe, cob, bahreque (wattle and daub), bamboo, thatch roofing

– Low-cost slope stabilization

– Strategies for preservation of seed diversity

– Creating Community

– Furthering Commons Economy (or ‘The Sharing Economy)

Permaculture is a design method that offers an ecological lens for solving issues related to agriculture, economics, governance, and on. Permaculture training helps us look at problems, and learn to perceive that solutions are there, present within the problems. The ethical basis of this movement sets it apart from other approaches. The ethics are simply “Care for the Earth, Care for the People, Share the Abundance”.

Permaculture is a global movement, in fact, it is perhaps the largest grass-roots people-to-people global movement. It encompasses thousands of very diverse people and projects around the globe. There is a vast array of possibilities for how to be involved in Permaculture.

Permaculture helps us  RESET to abundance and helps us remember ourselves as capable of being planetary healing forces.

(More…) Evening Programs will focus on Reclaiming our Wildness & Rekindling our Connection with Nature 

Mornings in the Magical Circle

Depending on registration, the course will be bilingual: Spanish/English, (If we have more than one native Spanish speaker, we will provide simultaneous professional translation with headphones.)

Location: VidaVerde Farm, Vilcabamba, Loja Province, Ecuador, and various site visits to surrounding farms

Contact: ziaparker@yahoo.com, Skype: ziaparker      www.vidaverde.info

Dates: January 29-Feb 10 with one day of rest
For costs and more information, see http://vidaverde.info/vilcabamba-permaculture-design-certificate-course-2018/


Yupaichani Organic Community Looking for a land-based community? Yupaichani has 3 more memberships available. If interested, speak to Zia & Roshni, 098 988 7085  Also see vidaverde.info/yupaichani-organic-community/